A deeply personal query into how well we really know the people we think we know best, and a look at how easy it can be to disappear into America.
Scott Foundas, Variety

„Missing Allen“ is a compelling detective yarn ... a well crafted documentary that succeeds – sadly – on multiple levels.
Jeff Craig, Sixty-Second Preview

„Missing Allen“ is quite beautiful: Colors are bright, and there´s a crispness that makes the imagery pop off the screen. That beauty sharply contrasts the tale´s downyard spiral, which slowly winds to a bleak and heartbreaking conclusion ... It´s finally so affecting because of the true-life ache at its heart: a friend´s overwhelming need to know what happened to the guy he loved like a brother.
Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

„Missing Allen“: a heartbreaking investigation of a friend´s death ... an homage to the borderless and timeless nature of true friendship.
Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun Times

One poignant moment takes place on a building rooftop where Bauer is filming another photographer friend of Ross who has a small camera in his hand. When asked if he misses Ross, the friend pauses a long moment holding back his tears. As soon as the man seems to lose his battle against his emotions, he quickly raises his camera and, in turn, takes a picture of the camera that is shooting him. Bauer tells the man that he is also hiding behind his camera. Both men seem to shield themselves with the tools of their trade against the painful reality of their loss. Sue Limsukonth, IndieRAG

The film ... is a truly superb piece of filmmaking and a movingly personal tribute to Allen.
Michael Rabiger,
Author of „Directing the Documentary“

Bauer has made a compelling, haunting, and ultimately unforgettable film.
Carol Nahra,
International Documentary Magazine

Motivated by sorrow and loss, Bauer has made a fitting and often deeply unnerving tribute to his friend, while shining a light into some of the darkest crevices in America’s fundamentalist heartland.
John Patterson, LA Weekly


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